November 20, 2019

It’s that time when you know Christmas is right around the corner and you are in need of an updated family portrait for the Christmas card. Once you’ve found that right photographer and date, the only thing left is buying all the right outfits for everyone to wear. This can be one of the most difficult aspects when preparing for your session. Here are five tips that can help make things a bit easier to tackle.


Tip #1: Decide who in the family is hardest to shop for and choose their outfit first. Once the hardest is done you’ll find it easier to finish the rest of your family.


Tip #2: Do coordinate, don’t match. Long gone are the days where every family member has to be matchy matchy. Coordinating is key. Finding two to three colors that go well together will help you with more clothing options and create a more natural look for your photo.


Tip #3: Think of complimentary colors when trying to find the right color pallet and don’t be afraid of adding a little pattern. Best to stay away from clothing with text and logos.


Tip #4: Accessorize with a statement necklace, scarf, or an adorable bow or bowtie depending on the gender of your children. Don’t over think things and have fun with it. A nice pop of color in a high heel is another great way to pull in that third color.


Tip #5: Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff. Getting your entire family dressed and ready to go can be so stressful that it turns you into a crazy person. These are just family photos and really you only need one good one for the card and social media. :)

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