Hanukkah Color In Top

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Celebrate the magic of the holiday season with this Hanukkah Top. Get your little ones in the creative Hanukkah spirit with this holiday print, including six fabric pens. This beautifully packaged children’s colour in, creative kit includes; a long-sleeved top, six fabric colour in pens and colour in practice hints & tips available for ages 2-12. The lightweight jersey blend top set features a unique colour in design. The colours will not fade and can be worn time and time again. The products are designed, handprinted in the UK exclusively for the Selfie Craft Co.

  • Care: Iron on after colouring and air cure flat for 24 hours for best results. Please note only an adult should iron this garment. Colors are permanent once fixed. Please flatten the packaging and place in-between your garment to prevent bleed through.
  • Machine wash cold, do not bleach or tumble dry.

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